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Safety Instruction

Safety Instructions for the use of Machine Tools


Personal working with any machine tools in this workshop are required to follow the Safety Instruction stated below in order to prevent any accident that may occur.

Appropriate personal protective equipment (such as dust coat, safety shoes, and face shield) MUST be worn while operating the machine.

Long hair, neck tie, or hanging mobile phone MUST be tightened up.
(Newspaper clipped on 18/2/2010)

(Newspaper clipped on 15/4/2011)

(Newspaper clipped on 08/2/2014)

Hand gloves should NEVER be used.

Workpiece and cutting tool MUST be properly clamped.

Chuck key MUST be removed from the chuck when not in use.

Make sure there is NO loosened part left on the machine table.

Make sure you know how to operate the machine before switching it on.

Machine guards MUST be put in position while operating.

Keep hands away from any rotating objects.

Cutters being used should be ground and in good condition.

Use correct cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut from time to time.

Spilled oil or cutting fluid on the floor MUST be wiped off immediately.

NEVER use hand file or emery cloth for finishing lathe work pieces.

Do not leave any running machine unattended.

In case of doubt, contact Emergency line 27667999 or 999 immediately.

(For Safety Management purpose, students working in this workshop are required to sign in the Safety Log to ensure that he/she has read and understood the Safety Instructions of the workshop)