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Integrated Training Project - Photos Gallery


The Hinge Pin is manufactured by using a Centre Lathe

A student enjoy to make the screw thread on the Hinge Pin by using a set of Die and Stock

Tail Stand is mounted on table of a Vertical Milling Machine by two set of clamp plate
and is being cut by an End Mill Cutter

One of three holes of Tail Stand is being drilled by a 8mm diameter drill

Two holes on base of Tail Stand is being drilled

Holes for hinge of Tail Stand is being drilled

The Push Plate is clamped in the fixture of a milling machine and
it's surface is cut by using a face milling cutter

When the surface of the Push Plate is finished, a student use
an Edge Finder to locate the origin of the component

Step of the Push Plate is being cut by a student

Before the machining, a student use a hand file to smooth the surface of the casting material

The Handle is clamped on the table of a milling machine

A student cut the sport face of the Handle very carefully

The Base is fix in a special fixture and its bottom is cut to flat surface by a student

Sport face of the Base is cut by using a end mill cutter

Hinge surface of the Base is being cut

Center Hole of the Hinge is being drilled

The Top Mount is clamped in the machine vice

A student enjoy to cut the surface of the Top Mount