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Manufacturing Procedures - Front Arms


Two components, Front Arm Right and Front Arm Left are fixed and are machined in the same method. They are clamped on two tailor-made fixtures. First fixture is mounted on a special tooling, the 'MECATOOL' pallet and the base. The 'MECATOOL' pallet base must be aligned and be fixed on the table of the vertical milling machine. Second fixture is used directly on the milling machine. Both fixture must be aligned by using a dial indicator before fix on the machine table.

This is a very good exercise in holding an irregular shape material to machine surfaces and drill holes according to the special requirement. Until all procedures have been finished, please do not unload the workpieces from the fixture.

According to the limited space, students are very carefully to cut and drill the components clamped on the fixture. Please do not cut on the fixture, screws or the pallet.