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Video Clips


Video : SS020200v1

Shank Body (SS020200) is cut by using a centre lathe. This component is made of Stainless Steel which is quite hard and tough. So cutting speed must be set to lower and calculated by the cutting speed equation. Feed Rate must be set to 0.1 mm per revolution. Cutting fluid must also be applied during the operation.

Video : SS040300v1

One of the 7mm diameter holes of the Rear End Arm (SS040300) is drilled by using a vertical milling machine equipped with a drill chuck. During the operation, the drill must be lifted frequently to remove the chip. Two holes on the right hand side are the pilot holes, which will be enlarged to 16mm and 20mm diameter respectively. Cutting fluid is also applied by the student.

Video : SS040300v2

The 16mm diameter hole of the Rear End Arm (SS040300) is drilled. A small hole, the pilot hole must be drilled before this procedure because of the 16mm drill is too large to drill into the mild steel. The drill must also be lifted frequently to remove the chip and cutting fluid is applied.

Video : SS010100v1

The angular surface of the Front End Base (SS010100) is cut by using a vertical milling machine, which milling head axis is set to 20 degree from vertical. Please keep hands away from the working area because of the single edge fine cutter runs very fast to cut the material The video also shows that the component is mounted on a fixture, which fix on the machine table.

Video : SS010100v2

Before this operation, the angular hole must be drilled by a centre drill, a 12 mm drill, and a 14.5 mm drill in order. When drilling the holes, Y axis of the machine must be fix in the correct position and locate the holes distance by using the X axis of the machine.

In the video, the hole is cut by using the 15mm diameter machine reamer. The low cutting speed must be set and feed smoothly into the hole to improve the surface finishing.

Video : SS010200v1

Video shows the manufacturing procedures for Front Arm Left (SS010200) and Front Arm Right (SS010300). These two components are clamped on a tailor-made fixture, which is fixed on a 'MECATOOL' pallet. Consquently, the pallet is inserted into the 'MECATOOL' base, which is aligned and fixed on the table of a milling machine. Due to the limited space, students are required not to cut on the fixture.

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