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M10 - Mini-4 Wheel Drive Racing Car Set

Project No.: M10

Project Title: Mini-4 Wheel Drive Racing Car Set


The aims of this project are to design and construct a patch of four mini-4WD racing cars and a racing track set. The racing car is electrically driven by a DC motor with two AA batteries. The motor drives the four wheels via a speed reduction box and transfer shaft. A customizable 2-lane racing track is also included in the whole set.


Design of all the parts of the racing car and track modules should be done in the computer using 3D feature-based parametric solid modeling approach so that design changes can be made. A virtual assembly in the computer using assembly constraints is mandatory. Use of materials and RP and M toolings should be investigated and proposed. Related accessories and standard parts available in the market should be selected and sourced. Their specifications and availability must be confirmed prior to manufacturing.

The product has two major parts: the mini-4WD car (a patch of four) and the track modules. Each racing car must have flexibility in using different gear set combinations to address speed and torque performance. Flexibility in customizing the 2-lane track can be achieved by combining several standard modules. Apart from the electrical and consumable parts, you are required to design and manufacture all the component parts. Figure 1 shows a completed sample racing car.

Figure 1 Mini-4WD racing car


4 wheel drive with a DC motor
Powered by two AA batteries
Adjustable speed reduction ratio
Wheel base is 84 mm
Overall car width is 85 mm
Customizable 2-lane track