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M14 - Automatic Coil Feeding Reel for Power Press

Project No.: M14

Project Title: Automatic Coil Feeding Reel for Power Press


Many production lines for producing parts have been automated in sheet metal working industry. Successful automation within the press tool work will inevitably depend on the provision of precision stamping as well as adequate material handling devices. Therefore, the use of a coil feeding reel to uncoil sheet metal is of prime importance in this respect.

Basically, the function of a reel is to grip the inner diameter of the sheet metal coil and to provide a centre of rotation for the coil. The reel is power driven to uncoil the sheet metal for stamping. Apparently it is difficult to synchronize the unwinding speed of the reel and the pressing speed of the machine because the diameter of the coil on the reel is reducing continuously. However, the rate of material supplied by the reel can still be controlled and monitored by a long arm with a roller riding on the uncoiling sheet. When enough metal for the forthcoming operation of the die has been unwound, the roller and arm will actuate a switch that stops the reel motor. As the metal is used up, the arm and roller are raised and the reel motor will start again for decoiling more metal.


  1. Power Transmission
    Rotation of the reel and the sheet metal coil is driven through a worm gear box reduction, by a variable speed controlled AC motor. The motor will be mounted at the rear side of the reel main column.
  2. Sheet Metal Coil Resting Unit
    This unit is composed of four T-shaped arms located at the front side of the reel to form the diametral points of a circle in order to grasp the inner diameter of the coil. Spindle of rotation of these arms must be concentric with the main spindle of the reel. Besides, the distance between these arms which also implies the inner diameter of the sheet metal coil is adjustable to accommodate the varying sizes of the coil within a pre-determined range. This adjustment is done by a self-centring mechanism which consist of screws, compound slides and bevel gears.
  3. Reel Main Body
    The transmission unit and the rest unit are mounted on the top of a steel tubular shaped column. This column is secured to a structure base plate for providing a rigid standing of the reel on the floor.


  Reel Rotation Speed: 0-30 rpm (step-less control)
  Motor: 1/4 HP AC motor with variable speed control
  Sheet Metal Coil Inner Dia: Min. 90 mm diameter
Max. 220 mm diameter
  Width of Sheet Metal Coil: Max. 200 mm
  Max. Weight of coil: 250 Kg


Trainees are required to:

  • Design and manufacture the automatic feeding reel based on the given outline and specifications; Schedule the manufacturing process;
  • Prepare a bill of materials and a budget estimation for the whole project;
  • Conduct commission testing;

Upon the completion of the MU project, a group presentation and a group report are also required.

Schematic diagram for the Automatic Coil Feeding Reel