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M15 - Automatic Packaging System

Project No.: M15

Project Title: Automatic Packaging System


Packaging automation is one of the potential area of development in Food Industry. Product piece handling is basically the process of controlling object placement and positioning through a number of specialized machines designed for specific object handling application with a motion control program to interlock the movement of the independent system actuators. Integrating the automated object handling devices to form a packaging system is the objective of the project.

The system should be incorporated with certain degree of flexibility allowing reconfiguration for future change of product and/or process. Thus modular design is recommended. Generic mechanism and components are used to generate required motions.


The automatic packaging system is to be built at the end of the chocolate packaging line from which sealed cartoons filled with packs of chocolates are delivered. The objective of the project is design and build an automatic system to pick up the sealed cartoons from the machine and place it onto a duct board automatically. The cartoons have to be placed onto the board in a specified pattern and gradually piled up to a the desired height suitable for handling by a fork lift. The system should include all the necessary automatic motions including preparing the empty duct board to the position for placing the filled cartoons. The production requirement of the system is to match the productivity of the preceding machine, which is aimed at the speed of 20 cartoons per minute.


  • Motor driven transfer line.
  • Modular Pick & Place device.
  • Pneumatic or motor actuated mechanism.
  • Standard automatic mechanism complied workstations.
  • Completely AUTOMATIC.
  • PLC or Microcomputer control.


Student are required to design and manufacture the Automatic System for packaging cartoons based on the given outline and specifications. Students are encouraged to initiate a number of designs for system optimization. Students will be required to discuss their designs with the engineers from the client company. The final design should be approved by the company.