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M16 - Electronic Pet

Project No.: M16

Project Title: Electronic Pet


The aims of this project are to design and manufacture an electronic pet. The pet should have certain level of programmable artificial intelligence which enables it to carry out specific tasks or to react according to pre-defined conditions. Examples include chasing a ball, navigating along a given path, and do a series of actions.


You will be given a set of electronic components including motors, light sensors, DC power supply, infra-red / wired remote controller, mini-cpu, video camera, and so on. You are going to design and manufacture all other parts which integrate the selected electronic components into an programmable electronic pet. The primary focus will be put on the physical parts which link the electronic parts and enable the whole mechanical system to be functional. You will also be provided with a computer software for programming functions which are then transferred to the mini-cpu in the electronic pet.

Given parts should be digitized into computer 3D model. All the designed parts should also be done in computer using 3D feature-based parametric solid modeling approach so that design changes can be made. A virtual assembly in the computer using assembly constraints is mandatory. Selection of materials and manufacturing processes should be investigated and proposed. Related accessories and standard parts available in the market should be selected and sourced. Their specifications and availability must be confirmed prior to manufacturing.

Figure 1 A market available electronic Pet


  • Programmable Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Act and react according to given criteria and conditions
  • Integrate given electronic parts: infra-red receiver, light sensor, motor, video camera, and cpu
  • DC power supply
  • Final size not more than 250 W x 400 L x 400 H