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M1 - Barrel Plating System

Project No.: M1

Project Title: Barrel Plating System


Barrel plating is widely used technique in plating small parts without the requirement of plating jigs for holding the workpieces to be plated.

In this project it is required to design and made the plating tank to accommodate the plating barrel provided The tank should be robust and convenient to use.


The tank is to be fabricated with PVC or PE sheets by plastic welding. With copper bus bars on the sides and connected to the anode terminal of the DC rectifier provided. Two titanium baskets containing nickel lumps are attached to the anode bus bars. The barrel is positioned in the middle of the tank by two horizontal bars. One of the bar is made of copper and connected to the cathode of the rectifier. Another bar is made of a non-conductive material. Filtering pumps and pipe connections, heater and temperature controllers are to be fitted on the plating tank.

You are required to come to the Surface Finishing Unit (room W401) to inspect the barrel and understand its function. Then prepare a design drawing and manufacture the PVC tank according to the size and shape of the existing barrel.


  • 1400 mm (H) x 600 mm (W) x 600 mm (D) PVC tank
  • Mobile steel frame to hold the tank, the rectifier, and filtering pump. Wheels at the bottom.
  • Panel fitted on the steel frame to house the power supply switch to the motor.

The Basic barrel plating system



The plating barrel