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M2 - Intelligent RP & M Display Cabinet

Project No.: M2

Project Title: Intelligent RP & M Display Cabinet


The aims of this project are to design and construct Intelligent Display Cabinet in showing the time domain related product development processes. The cabinet is powered by A/C to have 3-4 levels of carousel display platforms with appropriate lighting and electronic fixtures to show the technical aspects of displayed materials. The cabinet should be further connected video display units through wireless remote control device for displaying the background information. The cabinet should be activated through ultrasonic sensors or infra-red detectors.


The team is required to design of all the parts of the cabinet using 3D parametric solid modeling. The design should be testified using a Virtual Reality Software EON. The team should appreciate and understand the role of RP&M technologies in Rapid Product Development in investigating and proposing the displaying platform constraints. Related lighting fixture and electronics accessories should be selected and sourced. Their availability must be confirmed prior manufacturing.

The cabinet would be classified into three parts: the cabinet body, the carousel display platform, and the driving & control unit. The cabinet body should be consisted of three parts, the top panel, main display body and the lower base. Appropriate lighting fixtures should be attached in the main body in highlighting the displayed parts. There should be 3-4 levels of carousel display platform in the main display body supported in a central turning hub. The lower control base should provide a stable and house all the electrical and electronic devices. Rendering industrial design sketches will be provided for reference.