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M6 - KCR Station Gangplank

Project No.: M6

Project Title: KCR Station Gangplank


The aims of this project are to design and construct a gangplank for KCR stations. The primary functional requirement of the gangplank is to transport person with disability in wheelchair safely, efficiently, and comfortably between train and platform for all existing KCR platform gap situations. Operation of the gangplank is full manual and battery-free. It should be reliable under all circumstances. Emphasis of this project is placed on the functional aspects of the gangplank.


Design of all the parts of the gangplank should be done in the computer using 3D feature-based parametric solid modeling approach so that design changes can be made. A virtual assembly in the computer using assembly constraints is mandatory. Operations of the gangplank should be fully simulated and tested before manufacture. Selection of materials and manufacturing processes should be investigated and proposed. Related accessories and standard parts available in the market should be selected and sourced. Their specifications and availability must be confirmed prior to manufacturing.

The gangplank functions like a flexible mobile bridge serving person with disability in wheelchair. In operation, platform of the gangplank should bridge over the platform gap with gentle slope and maximum 220 mm gap width and 130 mm height difference. To ensure operational safety, the gangplank should be automatically braked during normal situation and surfaced with non-slippery material. In this project, you are required to design, manufacture, and assemble all the component parts and ensure smooth operation. Figure 1 & 2 show the concepts of the gangplank.

Figure 1 Concept model of gangplank in context

Figure 2 Mechanism design of the gangplank


Full manual and battery-free steering and navigation
Ergonomic design for manual operation
Automatic braking system with press to operate mechanism
Adjustable platform anchoring position bridging maximum 220 mm (+50mm) gap width and zero mm (-25mm) to 130 mm (+25mm) height difference
Gently sloping passage with 800 mm clear width for wheelchair
Non-slippery surface finishes on gangplank platform
Overall dimensions is 1300 mm (L) x 1100 mm (W) x 1100 mm (H)