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Main Component

Main Component:

Manufacturing Process:


Clutching Part:


        A pair of jaw clutches are the main components, because it is not only responsible for the power transmission, but also the manual-to-auto mechanism. If this pair of clutches cant fit together, it can damage the whole machine and also functionless.

        In order to make sure the clutches can join perfectly, the shape of the clutches are well-design,

















the sharp-edge is design to make them self-engage.



        First of all, use the lathe machine to make a round shape of the clutches, like this:









        Then, because the shape of the clutch must be made precisely, using conventional machine is very difficult. So a CNC-Milling machine is used. And the tool path is first made for milling:










        This is the manufacturing process carried out by the CNC-Milling machine:















        After all, the final clutches are made: