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Clutch and Lever

Clutch System:








The purpose of a clutch is to engage and disengage the power flow from the crankshaft to the transmission to start, stop, and shift transmission gears. The clutch also can also be used on the typical V-twin motorcycle is part of the primary drive system. In our MU project, a clutch can switch between the manual and automatic operation. Besides, a clutch also can avoid the problem of produce back e.m.f. If we connect the gear and shaft directly, it will produce a back e.m.f. to the motor when we rotate the furnace manually. This e.m.f. will be damaged to the motor. If a clutch is applied in our MU project, it can separate the shaft and the gearbox so that it can avoid the problem of produce back e.m.f.


Clutch operation:


As I say before, there are two main procedures for the clutch operation: Automatic operation and Manual operation. We have designed the clutch can slide backward and forward along an I-bar. It will use a big bearing to fix the right clutch. As the above picture show, the bearing is fix to the outer diameter of the right clutch. Besides, a shaft will connect to the right clutch and the other bearing will fix the other side of the shaft. Then, the clutch can slide forward and backward on the shaft.

1. Automatic operation



The above picture shows the automatic operation. This operation means that
the motor power can be transmitted to the shaft through the clutch system. However, if this operation is continuous, the motor will produce back e.m.f. if we rotate the furnace manually. Therefore, the clutch must be separate such as the following picture:


2. Manual operation:



Now, the motor power cannot transmit to the shaft through the clutch. Therefore, we rotate the furnace manually will not produce back e.m.f to damage the motor. These two operations can show that the clutch can be a switch between manual and automatic operation and avoid back e.m.f.



Although the above design can be operate theoretically, we found that the clutch cannot be connected at any position because the teeth on the both clutches will collide themselves. Therefore, we design a new shape of clutch as the following picture:








As you can see, the shape of the above clutches can be connected each other at any position. It can solve the problem of collision of teeth when the clutches are connecting.