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Aim & Objective


This project is to design and manufacture a tilting machine which is use to tilt the 500kg metal furnace. The furnace is used inside the foundry workshop. The main usage of the furnace is to cast product.

In this project, the manufacturing of the tilting machine is divided into five main categories which are the framework, the clutching parts, the braking system, the transmission parts and the motor part.

Since the tilting motion require very large torque, the design of the tilting mechanism is difficult, most of the parts should able to bear the torsion. Also, the rotational mechanism involve concentric problem. Moreover, in order to make it user friendly, we have to design the best mechanism.

The whole project is divided into several stages; First is design stage, there are investigations, planning, draft design; Second is manufacturing stage, All the required components are manufactured in this stage; Third is assembly & modifying stage, the machine is installed and further modification is done in this stage; The last stage is finalize the project, not only further improvement of the machine, but also competed the documentation of the project.