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Product Specification:

There are 15 items of the product specification classified into three areas. They are:


1.      Must:

i.                  To bear high temperature,

ii.                To tilt the furnace from the vertical position down to 100 degree from the vertical position (i.e. rotating angle within 100o),

iii.               To tilt the furnace in slow motion, which the rotary speed of the furnace is about 0.35V0.63 rad/s,

iv.              To include double action safety locking system,

v.                To be durable,

vi.              To be reliable, and

vii.             To be economic


2.      Mostly preferred:

i.          To be operated easily,

ii.        To have suitable size for not obstructing the work,

iii.       To be ergonomic,

iv.      To have a smooth tilting motion, and

v.        To maintain the budget within $2000


3.      Just likely:

i.                  To be quiet,

ii.                To have variable tilting speed changed up to user, and

iii.               To have a good appearance.