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  Design Process
Problem Identification
Case Study  
Machining Sequence
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Problem Solving



Design Process


As there are numbers of automatic car parking system available on the market, it is important to locate what is insufficient in existing system. After consulting to the engineers of MICE (which is now providing software solution to an existing automatic car parking system in Hong Kong), they suggested that the biggest problem of such kind of system, is to handle the pallet effectively. The way to handle empty pallet, causes a big deal of problem to them.

Our early researches show that it is quite impossible to design a system without using pallet. Therefore our focus was on maximizing pallet handling efficiency. In existing system, empty pallets are store at the parking cell, whenever a car is going to park in a parking cell; the empty pallet that was original placed there must be removed first. Thus the process of empty pallet handling contributes a significant amount in cycle time.

Besides the problem of empty pallet handling, hardware fault tolerance is also a concern. On designing of our model, we are not necessary to make it hardware redundant; however it has to demonstrate the ability to provide fault tolerable service.


Manufacturing Process


Detail designs of the component must include sufficient information for manufacturing the part. Projections provide a theoretically nice technique to generate a precise 2D image of the objects. However, more information is needed for manufacturing, such as the distance between the centers of two holes for making the model. It is neither easy, nor accurate to measure the distance from the engineering drawing. Therefore, each drawing must carry enough useful dimensions for machining the components.

In manufacturing, the most critical task is to make the components as same as the drawing shown. Therefore, during the design stage, manufacturing method should be considered so that to prevent time consuming for finding a suitable way for machining.





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