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Constraints & Specifications




Most of the buildings in Hong Kong both commercial and residential are tall and of high density. Space is equivalent to money. However car parking is unavoidable in a city like Hong Kong. An intelligent car parking system which can receive more cars with less space may be one of the solution easing this problem.

Figures at the right show an automatic system for transferring and parking the cars in a car factory located in Germany. One of the core portions of the system is the multi-storeyed car parking building in which cars are transported automatically to the parking locations between storeies.

Siemens Company has initiated a joint project with the Automation Unit of IC intending to design and build a model demonstrating an Intelligent Car Parking System suitable to Hong Kong environment.





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Model of car factory in Germany
Multi-storeyed Car Parking Building
Conveyors transferring the automobiles
Rotary platform