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Control System
Motor & Encoder



Control System


The control system of this automatic car parking is composed with Siemens mid-upper level PLC system, the SIMATIC product family. It consists of 3 independent PLC units, a MOBY module (RFID systems) and WinCC software package (creating software human operator interface).

The PLCs are: 2 sets of S7-200 (CPU224) to control each of the 2 carriers; S7-300 (CPU315-2 DP) to control rest of the components and supervise the entire system.

On each of the S7-200 PLC, there attached 3 expansion modules, they are: EM 277 (PROFIBUS DP, created communication protocol between other PLCs), EM 253 (position module, direct control to the stepper motor) and the EM 235 (analog module, speed control to the DC motor).


For detail specification, please refer to the product catalogue:

S7-300 (1.46MB) st70k3_e.pdf
S7-200 (522KB) st70k2_e.pdf





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control system of the car parking
snap-shot of the human machine interface, created with WinCC
expansion modules, left: EM277, right: EM253