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M1-M4 - Multi-Purpose Electric Car

Project No.: M1 - M4

Project Title: Multi-Purpose Electric Car


The aim of this project is to design and make a multi-purpose electric car. Because making this car involves a lot of thinking, planning, and manufacturing work, the car will be made by four project groups, each will be responsible for one of the four main components of the car: chassis, frontal part, rear part, and transmission. Bearing in mind that the four components have to be finally assembled into a working car, it is necessary for the project groups to work collaboratively all the time from the design stage up the assembly and testing stage.


A. Chassis

The chassis is the main frame of the car. It is a tubular rigid structure with sheet metal body panels. Under the chassis at the front and rear, there should have provision for mounting of the frontal and rear parts. On the chassis, there is a bay for housing six pieces of 12-volt battery, a seat for the driver, a pair of pedals (acceleration and braking), and hand-brake lever.

B. Frontal Part

The frontal part of the car consists of a sub-frame on which the front suspension system is mounted. Under the sub-frame, there are two steerable front wheels, brakes, suspension arms, shock absorbers, coil springs, and a set of steering linkages. On top of the sub-frame, there should be a mounting column for the steering wheel.

C. Rear Part

The rear part of the car also consists of a sub-frame on which the rear suspension system is mounted. Under the sub-frame, there are two wheels, brakes, suspension arms, shock absorbers, and coil springs. Apart from housing these components, the rear part should have provision for mounting the motor and transmission set.

D. Transmission

The transmission consists of an electric motor coupled to a set of reduction gears and differential gears. The transmission system must readily be mounted onto the rear part of the car, the electric system directly linked to the accelerator pedal, and control switch mounted on the chassis of the car.


The specifications of project are according to the sub-project selected and will be distributed to the students after the first meeting.


Students are required to:

  • Design and manufacture the Multi-Purpose Electric Car based on the given outline and specifications;
  • Schedule the manufacturing process;
  • Prepare a bill of materials and a budget estimation for the whole project;
  • Conduct commission testing;

Upon the completion of the MU project, a group presentation and a group report are also required.