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M5 - Automatic Packaging System for Galore Company

Project No.: M5

Project Title: Automatic Packaging System for Galore Company


Galore Packaging Company Ltd is one of the leading companies in the packaging industry in Hong Kong. Not only the market share is large in quantities but also the products being packaged are also considerable in varieties. Thus the company is equipped with various types of packaging machines to fulfill the needs of her clients. Some of the machines, which are quite unique for the specific packaging requirements, were designed and made by the company.

Figure below shows the packaging machine currently used by the company. The machine is used for packaging goods such as books or products with similar shape into a plastic bag which will then be further shrink packed.


The company has initiated a project of developing a new packaging machine having the similar function but with improved performance. The drawback of the current machine is that the size of the plastic bag after packed is not suitable and is oversize with a large portion in excess causing the bad appearance of the goods after shrink packed. Moreover there are quite a considerable wastage of material. This project is intended to design and developed a prototype which can make improvement in these two criteria.


The specifications of project are according to the final decision made after meeting and discussing with the engineering staff of the company. The equipment to be used will probably pneumatic components & actuators, electrical actuators, PLC, etc.


Students are required to design and manufacture the selected System based on the specifications provided by the Galore Company. Students are required to contact the engineering staff of the company in order to explore and make clear the needs of the company. Factory visits of the company will be necessary. Other requirement should refer to the general project document provided by IC.