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M6 - Automatic Material Sorting System for YKK Company

Project No.: M6

Project Title: Automatic Material Sorting System for YKK Company


YKK is one of the world leading companies in the production of zippers. Not only the daily production is large in quantities, the styles of products are also considerable in varieties. The production of a zipper involves a series of processes, which can be manual, semi-automatic and automatic process.

The company has planned to automate the process of packaging zippers this year in order to improve the productivity of production. Figure 1 below shows the existing process, which is carried out manually.

Figure 1. Existing Packaging Process


The technical outline for the project will be discussed with the YKK engineers during the factory visit arranged at the design stage of the manufacturing project.


The specifications of project are according to the final decision made after meeting and discussing with the engineering staff of the company. The equipment to be used will probably pneumatic components & actuators, electrical actuators, PLC, etc.


Students are required to design and manufacture the Automatic Material Sorting System based on the specifications provided by the YKK Company. Students are required to contact the engineering staff of the company in order to explore and make clear the needs of the company. Factory visits of the company will be necessary. Other requirement should refer to the general project document provided by IC.