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M8-M9 - Permanent Mould Casting Machine with Temperature Control

Project No.: M8 - M9

Project Title: Permanent Mould Casting Machine with temperature control


The aims of this project are to design and construct a manually operated Permanent Mould Casting Machine which will be used to assist in small batch manufacturing of metal parts. Emphasis of this project is placed on the functional aspects of the casting machine.


Figure 1 illustrates the basic concept of the machine. It should consist of two horizontal moving mould halves, an ejection system and a clamping system. The machine should be designed to fix a 250mm x 250mm mould base and quick and easer installation of the mould should be explored. Guiding and interlock systems should be considered to ensure the parallelism and smooth movement of the mould halves. Camping system should provide sufficiency camping force to avoid dripping of metal fluid during casting. Heaters connected with thermocouple should be attached inside the mould halves to monitor the temperature change inside the mould. Moreover, you have to consider the safety aspect of the machine during the operation.

In this project, you are asked to manufacture a workable casting machine from the initial design stage to finally testifying the functionality of the machine. Selection of materials and manufacturing processes should be investigated and proposed before to start up the project. Related accessories, such as the heaters and thermocouple, available in the market should be selected and sourced. Their specifications and availability must be confirmed prior to manufacturing.

Figure 1 Simply construction of the permanent mould casting machine
(Metal Handbook, Forging & Casting Eighth Edition)


  • Manually operated mechanism for the movement of mould opening and closing, and the ejection operation
  • Operation temperature of the thermocouple is around 300 - 500 deg C
  • It should be fitted for 250mm x 250mm mild steel mould base.
  • Power of the heater should be controllable to heat up the mould plate at the range of 100 - 450 deg C and the power supply should be 220V, 50 Hz single phase.
  • Overall dimensions should around 1300 mm (L) x 700 mm (W) x 1000 mm (H).