What is an E-Car?

E-Car or, electric car means that electricity drives the wheels of a vehicle, which can range from a bike, a scooter to a passenger car, bus, truck and more. Electric drive technology includes pure electric, rechargeable battery vehicles; hybrid vehicles that combine an electric motor and a gasoline engine; and fuel cell vehicles which use fuel cell stacks that produce electricity for propulsion.

Why do we need an E-Car?

Electric car can reduce fuel consumption, decrease health-based emissions, and strengthen the public awareness towards the energy crisis.

The Earth will run out of fossil fuel within 50 years, searching a new energy source for next generation vehicle has become an urgent task of industry.

An increasing number of recharging stations are built all over the world, in the foreseeable future, recharging the battery of car battery on street can be made as convenient as petroleum car. (e.g. E car divers in Canada can help themselves to charge up their vehicles at the stations on roadside by in low price. While the toy company in Japan, Takara, has released the famous ‘Q car’ series since 2002. User are allowed to charge this car via the electrical socket at home, making the process convenient and economic.)