Design Scope
Preliminary Design
Working principle
Machine's control
Buttons on the panel and their usages
Touch Panel
Materials and cost calculation
Manufacturing by parts
Work flow
Division of Labour
Group members intro
Project files


Conclusion and comment

All in all, we have gained a lots in this project in both technical knowledge and soft skills.

For the technical parts, we have learnt the details of designing dispenser and control system.

To the dispensing system, we are familiar with the parts used to fit for the design criteria. Taking the valve system in our product as an example, we should have to add some substrates to block the epoxy from leaking. Also, there should be manufacturing tolerance to be set according to the materials used in order to serve for the same purpose. For such real practice, that gives us lots of brainstorming in design which would be of our benefits to handle a project.

To the control system, we are now familiar with the PLC control. That provides us a valuable learning process. We can manage the control devices and write the program to make it work in our desirable manner. We can make use of these devices to bring automation in our system in which it can be mastered effectively.

In shorts, we have gained a lots in three main areas.

From design and CAD drawing

  • •  Learn how to finish a project effectively
  • •  Acquire knowledge about the operation in an industrial environment, e.g. materials selection

From machining and manufacturing

  • •  Notice “what we design might not be easily to manufacturing and even can't produce
  • •  Learn the importance of material selection-directly affect the production time

From PLC programming

  • •  Clear idea about the I/O is necessary to enhance efficiency
  • •  Have a clear wiring and circuit diagram
  • •  Easier to connect the wire and circuit

For the soft skills, we are at least able to equip ourselves with the problem solving skill. Through the project, there were unexpected things inevitably to occur. We have to stay alert and keep track on the qualify of work. Once there was mistakes happened, say, two parts are not fitted to assembly, we have to solve the problem in time in order not to affect the work beyond. For everything, we have to prepare for the worst and solution to tackle problems to make the loss as less as possible.

Another important thing is that the co-operation skill. We have seven members in our group and we have to communicate well in order to make our work effective. For example, in some cases, there are processes undergone at the same time, we have to compromise the manufacturing workflow so as to avoid the redundancy of labors.

In lectures, we can learn the theoretical knowledge of the system. However, through this practical training, we can deeply know the details of parts and how they are assembled. Throughout the project, we have also learnt the real experience in project planning and labor scheduling. We can indeed learn more through the tough time we spend in IC center and give many thanks to let us have such valuable training.

Finally, we would like to thanks our project supervisor, Ir. Robert Tam and Mr. C.K. Lai, and technical officers, Mr. Henry Wong and Mr. C.K. Chiu, for their kindly help and advice, which help us a lots in this project.


Due to the tight scheduling of MU project, we have changed some parameters which are convenient to us for manufacturing. For example, we used stainless steel to make the parts for valve system of dispensers. However, for easy manufacturing, we switched the materials into aluminum and brass for the other parts. These materials are in favor for manufacturing, but they would meet the problems of wearing out. So that, for the further improvement of the device, we have to keep on using stainless steel to do the other parts for the dispensers.

Valve system of the dispenser

On the other hand, the shape of the touch panel is quite regular and simple. To meet the deadline, we have not yet had time to design it with ergonomic concern. Actually, we can improve the shape of the touch panel which is fit for the users' hand size and makes it easy to hold.

Touch panel

Here are some ideas for ergonomic concern with the hand size. The study provides us useful information for making the size and shape of the touch panel to fit for the users' hand.

Study of hand size