Design Scope
Preliminary Design
Working principle
Machine's control
Buttons on the panel and their usages
Touch Panel
Materials and cost calculation
Manufacturing by parts
Work flow
Division of Labour
Group members intro
Project files



In between 25 th February and 29 th April, that was the design stage of our product.

The followings were the working plans at that stage (25Feb-29Apr):

  • •  Analyzed the project
  • •  Visited the Standard Success Groups Ltd.
  • •  Estimated the budget
  • •  Proposed the design ideas
  • •  Drew the design ideas by using CAD software
  • •  Presentation to the client
  • •  Made changes on the design to meet clients' requirements
  • •  Improved our design and inform our clients
  • •  Training on the PLC control system
  • •  Documentation (Bill Of Materials BOM)
  • •  Sent BOM to preserve materials for manufacturing

Communication with Standard Success Groups Ltd. was on focus throughout the design stage. Our design should be amended to meet the client's requirements. The materials we used in the product should also be approved by our host company since they kindly provided us the financial support in the project.

With the confirmed design, stuffs were made ready for manufacturing. We could then move on to the manufacturing stage (24 th May-28 th June).

The followings were the working plan at that stage (24May-28Jun):

  • •  24May-27May
    • •  Preparing the profiles
    • •  Amending the CAD drawing

  • •  29May-10Jun
    • •  Manufacturing of the valve system for the dispensers
    • •  Manufacturing of parts of the turntable
    • •  Testing the PLC devices and writing the PLC program

  • •  12Jun-24Jun
    • •  Manufacturing of the remaining parts of dispensers
    • •  Manufacturing of the main shaft for turntable
    • •  Manufacturing of the control box
    • •  Program Debugging
    • •  Fine tuning of the manufactured parts

  • •  26Jun-28Jun
    • •  Fine tuning of the manufactured parts and PLC system
    • •  Assembly of the whole device
    • •  Preparing stuff for presentation

After manufacturing, we should have to do the fine tuning of the product to make sure it functioning well. As there was an important criterion of preventing the epoxy from leaking, testing of the valve of the dispensers could not be neglected. Instead, several trials were conducted to make our product reliable and meet the design criteria.