Design Scope
Preliminary Design
Working principle
Machine's control
Buttons on the panel and their usages
Touch Panel
Materials and cost calculation
Manufacturing by parts
Work flow
Division of Labour
Group members intro
Project files


Touch Panel

The graphic operation terminal is to be mounted on the face of a control panel or operation panel, and connected to the programming connector of an FX or A Series programmable controller (PLC). Various PLC devices can be monitored and the PLC data can be changed through the screen of the GOT.

There are several display screens built-in to the GOT which offer various functions. In addition, user-defined screens can be created , just like the login page and input value page.

Display screens for the F930GOT can be created using the screen creation software for DU and the screen creation software for GOT-A900.

Touch Key

A specified area on the screen can be set as a touch key which functions as an operation key when pressed. The "Touch Key" object allows to specify an area which functions as a touch key. To each touch key, functions offered by the objects "Switch", "Send Data Bank", "Write Constant", "Increment", "Decrement", "Data Setting" or "Change Screen" can be assigned. We mainly use this function to provide the initial action to start the PLC program.

The GOT touch panel can directly connect to the PC by the serial port. We have made the cable by the following instruction. With the D-sub (female) 9 pin port, the data can transfer from PC to the touch panel.