MU Project 2006

Rapid Injection Molding Using RP Mould (M4)


Future Development

For positioning and alignment of the RP mold, the crossed grooves on the sliding table and the keys at the bottom of principle bar, side bars and vises provide a fixed location against the injection force by the injection molding machine in our current design. It is a simple, direct and low-cost mechanism for the positioning but standardizes the size of the RP mold by the limited numbers of grooves. To increase the flexibility for the various size of RP mold and ensure reliable clamping force for the positioning against the injection force, here is the technology introduced for the further development – Permanent-electro magnetic system for quick mold clamping.

It is not a new technology, in the early ‘70s, permanent-electro magnetic system started to be invented to perform with high power and in total safety for clamping and lifting ferrous parts of any shape and size. The early ’80s Industrial manufacturers further developed this system by patenting the square pole circuit with a neutral yoke. This enabled them to manufacture permanent-electro systems more efficient and able to satisfy the various requirements of work holding for heavy duty cutting on machine tools. During the ‘90s such technology was applied for quick mold clamping on plastic injection machines.

This success of an innovative technology is currently the most complete answer to the growing requirements of concepts like ‘Just In Time’ and ‘Single Minute Die Exchange’ quick release system in all advanced manufacturing process to face smaller production batches and wider product ranges, by offering:

Improved manufacturing flexibility

Molds of any shape and size are easily clamed without any modification of the mold base plates. Unlike the current design limited by the size and dimension of the crossed grooves, magnetic clamping force is induced constantly everywhere in base plates. All the size of mold within that of base plate and the maximum height can be applied without limitation.

- Reduction of machine down time

No other system can release and apply the clamping force quicker than the magnetic force of the magnetic clamping system by single button remote control. The cycle time is minimized.

- Better quality in clamping

Clamping strength is more than 350kgf for each magnetic pole and equally distributed across the contact area instead of the peripheral points when the traditional systems are in use which unavoidably also tends to bend the mold.

- Reduction of inventory

Unlike the mechanical clamping of current design, no mechanical maintenance of the magnetic clamping system and no cost for any bolts, nuts, clamps or dedicated tools due to the prevention of any damage to the machine platens. The machine and the magnetic modules will retain their value over the time.

Under the limited budget of this project, Permanent-electro magnetic system for quick mold clamping is not the consideration due to the relatively high initial investment compared with current design. However it gives the concept and idea for the further development.

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