MU Project 2006

Rapid Injection Molding Using RP Mould (M4)

Project Planning
Bill of Material
Manufacturing Stage
Parts details
Future Development


1. To propose a solution of shortening operation time of RP based Rapid Injection Molding process.

2. To make a solution in physical this is safe and reliable in the appropriate toughest working environment.

3. To go through a project based training of cultivating each team members’ managerial and decision making abilities of fundamental engineering practices in team work.


1. What is RIM?

    -RIM is rapid injection molding with moulds that are made by RP method, such as SLA.

2. Why RIM?

    -Making RP moulds is relatively low cost, safe time.

3. Problems of RIM?

    -Not suitable for automatic injection process, should be operated manually.

    -Time consuming for every molding process.

    -The molding module requires additional features for safely and  ergonomics for manual operation.


 It is time consuming for every molding process.







  Vertical injection machine












Original manufacturing process


Step one: to fix the RP mold with Resin Blocks and Aluminum Plates for compensation up to the fixture.

Step Two: move and align the whole module into the datum plate

Step three: the operation is about to start, the spur position should be correct as the photo


Scope of work

1. To design and make molding module with sliding function for the vertical injection molding machine.

2. To design and make general purpose fixture module for a quick release/install of the Rapid Mold.

3. To ensure the precise positioning of the spur.

4. To propose the solution in low cost up to now, as the budget is limited (around $3000HKD); try to avoid the design which requires electrical actuators and automation module.

5. To make the solution becomes a real and to test it to be workable within the 30 working days.

6. To document and communicate the engineering activities in systematic.

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