MU Project 2006

Rapid Injection Molding Using RP Mould (M4)


On site testing

Part A: Clamping module

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1.          Principle Bar

2.          Side Bar

3.          Clamping Vice

4.          Injection nozzle

5.          Mould Support plate

First of all, we have to install the clamping system as the left hand side shown:

The function of the aluminium Mould support plate is to prevent the mould directly contact with the base which may cause damage to the mould.

After the basic setup, the RP mould will put in the cavity between the side bar, principle bar and the clamping vice, use little force to ensure the mould is contact with the side bar and the principle bar, this is to ensure the two vice can produce even clamping force.

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6.          Vertical support plate

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7. Top support plate

Next, vertical support plate will be installed behind the mould; its function is same as the base support plate, to prevent damage of the RP mould.





Further, vice from the side can be tightened to provide suitable clamping force.








And then, the top support plate can be installed.

Safety guard will put down to prepare the activation of the vertical clamp.







Start up the machine








Activate the vertical clamp

Release the vertical clamp.

Press the injection button to release some plastic material from the inject head; the function is to remove previously used plastic from the injection head, to ensure next smooth injection process.













Press the melt button to prepare molten state plastic for next injection.







Press the injection unit forward button to move the injection unit forward to the set position for injection as show on the left bottom picture.

Press the injection to inject the plastic into the mould.







Press the melt button to melt the plastic, this action is to separate the injection from the inject nozzle connected to the mould



Press injection unit backward the move the unit backward.

Press clamp release button to release the clamp and take the RP mould out from the cavity.















Remove the nozzle from the mould and take out the Parts.
















Spy mould release on the mould to prepare for the next injection action.


Part B: Sliding Module

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1.          Space Block

2.          Base plate

The space block and the base plate were already aligned inside the injection machine, which have the centre aligned with the injection head. And the accessories like angle trip, bushes were installed on the space block.

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3.  Rail Limiter

Rail limiter was installed on the two sides of the rail; their function is to limit the travel of the rail, also to ensure the mould stop the right position for injection.

The two photos on the left hand side shows the travel distance of the rail system before the rail extend and after extend.






The rail is sure that can totally slide outside the injection machine. This can provide a safe position for mould operation.

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4. Supporting Block

The supporting block of the mould system was installed on the top of the secondary rail.











Both left and right supporting block was installed.

Mould base was put on the rail system; the system can support its own weight plus the clamping unit’s weight.






The system can slid totally inside the injection machine at the per-set working position. The safety guard can perfectly slid down for later action.


Part C: Combined test

A Full-loaded clamping was put on the sliding system, weight can be sustained.

The whole system is pushing inside the injection machine’s working area.







System stopped correctly at the set position.







Limiter performs its function to stop the motion of the rail.

System is ready to carry out plastic injection action.



Sliding of the perform without clamping unit

The sliding system can perform its function perfectly without the clamping unit, the system can totally slide out of the injection, that provide a safe environment for operation, the limiter can function to limit the travel of the rail, also the rail can slide back and stop at correct position with the help of the limiter.

Sliding of the perform with the clamping unit

After adding the full loaded clamping unit, the sliding action becomes little bit difficult, but the performance is still acceptable. The system still can perform its function correctly and precisely, with correct stopping position both inside and outside the injection machine. Limiter can limit the travel in order to prevent slide more then need. Also when the system is all slide outside the injection is still safe, it can support the total weight include the weight of the full loaded mould and clamping system.

In conclude, for both situations, the operation is safe and reliable. The system can perform the required function, either each singe components or the whole sliding system.



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