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Project Briefs


1. Project List

2. Staff Contacts

3. Project Allocation

4. Project Timetable

5. Headquarters for students

6. Points to be noted by MU Project students

1. Project List

Proj. No.
Project Title


M1 Automatic Epoxy Dispensing Machine Mr. Robert Tam
M2 Flange Facing Machine Mr. Ron Cheng
M3 Automatic Zipper Packaging Machine Mr. CK Lai
M4 Rapid Injection Moulding Using RP Mould Mr. Martin Wong
M5 Automatic Book Storage System Mr. CK Lai
M6 Foldable Electric Wheel Chair Mr. Ron Cheng
M7 Electrically Drived Bicycle Mr. Ron Cheng
M8 Ergonomic Foundry Training

Mr. Martin Wong

M9 NC Plasma Cutting System Mr. HM Leung

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2. Staff Contacts




Mr. Robert Tam W501d 2766 7607

Mr. Martin Wong


2766 7625

Mr. Ron Cheng


2766 7628

Mr. HM Leung


2766 7605

Mr. CK Lai


2766 7627

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3. Project Allocation



Automatic Epoxy Dispensing Machine

Law Tsz Fung
Lee Kit Chun
Li Wai Kin
Ng Chin Yiu
Wong Ching Hang
Wong Ching Pong
Chan Lai Yin


Flange Facing Machine Lee Man Cheong
Lam Yue Fung
Law Ka Lok
Wong Man Tao
Lee Cham Him
Wong Kam Tong
Cheung Chi Shing


Automatic Zipper Packaging Machine Ng Chi Tai
Cheung Chi Him
Chan Yee Kin
Tsang Hoi Wing
Lam Ming Kin
Wong Siu Ting


Rapid Injection Moulding Using RP Mould Lo Chi Man
Lui Pak Ho
Ku Chung Wa
Lai Ying Wa
Wong Sai Ho
Lam Chi Kit


Automatic Book Storage System Lin Chi Kam
Lau Chi Ho
Wan Hing Pui
Hui Siu Hang
Keung Siu Ming
Yu Ching Man


Foldable Electric Wheel Chair Chan Ka Long
Chan Pui Ying
Choy Tin Yan
Chung Chi Shing
Li Kin Wah
Tang Shum Hang


Electrically Drived Bicycle Lin Tai Wai, David
Leung Ka Lok
Au Tsz Fung
Chan Kwun Sing
Leung Chi Pang
Chan Ka Fai


Ergonomic Foundry Training Wong Kai Chun
Jiang Qi Wei
Wong Ho
Chu Wai Cheong
Leung Tsz Chiu
Leung Wing Yan
Yeung Wai Ying, Elizabeth


NC Plasma Cutting System Tsang Kam Ha
Lai Kok Hang
Yip Tai Wai
Tung Sui Fung
Szeto Chun Tak

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4. Project Timetable

The IC operates 5 days a week from 0830 to 1700. Normal project days in the summer are from Monday to Thursday. In these project days, you have to follow the IC timetable and sign in/out from your supervisor's office. Friday is not a normal project day but you may at your discretion to work at your own pace. You should observe the IC rules related to timekeeping during the timetabled project periods.

During the timetabled project periods (i.e. Monday to Thursday), facilities will be available for manufacturing activities. It is anticipated there will be a high demand for the use of equipment in some of the workshops. You are therefore requested to plan your work carefully and make your booking in advance (normally 3 days). Any urgent requests should be made to the Unit In-charge of the Shop in which the work is to be done.

Work after 17:00 is not encouraged. You are advised to plan and monitor your progress carefully. However, if it is found that the projects cannot be completed on time, you have to make your own arrangement with your supervisor and the Unit In-charge on overtime work. It is better to work on a tight schedule at the early stage of the project in order to avoid any last minute rush.

Students are reminded that the project must be completed before making the presentation.



W502f 25th Feb. 2006

Detailed design and planning

Design Office, IC

4th March 2006 to 22nd April 2006
(Every Saturday)

Machining, fitting and fabrication

Machine Shops, IC

Week 40


Heat-treatment, welding and electroplating

Ground Floor, IC

Week 41


Assembly, testing and commissioning

Project Shops, IC

Week 42


Preparation for presentation

Project Offices, IC

Week 43



U202, (IC Cinema)

9:00 ~ 12:15 and
13:30 ~ 17:00
28th June 2006
Week 44

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5. Headquarters for students

Project headquarters for meetings, assembly and testing work are allocated as follows:

Proj. No.
Project Title


Automatic Epoxy Dispensing Machine
Flange Facing Machine
Automatic Zipper Packaging Machine
Rapid Injection Moulding Using RP Mould
Automatic Book Storage System
Foldable Electric Wheel Chair
Electrically Drived Bicycle
Ergonomic Foundry Training
NC Plasma Cutting System

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6. Points to be noted by MU project students

6.1 Safety Matters

You are required to discuss with your supervisor any potential hazards that may be associated with the project.

Suitable safety shoes and aprons are to be worn at all times while working in the IC workshops.

Safety precautions are to be taken in all workshop operation/processes, assembly and trial tests. (Your project supervisor will assess your working methods as part of the project assessment.)

6.2 Progress Report

Daily Report - It is expected that you will keep in contact with your supervisor and report to him the daily progress of your work.

Weekly Report - Weekly formal meetings are to be held with your supervisor. The meetings are to be chaired by a leader and minutes should be taken by a secretary nominated by the group.

Project Dairy - You are strongly advised to keep a daily project diary of what has been done during the day. This would help you in preparing your final report as well as the presentation at the end of the project.

6.3 Materials

Your Supervisor will advise you on this matter. Usually materials can be obtained from the IC store. You have to complete a Material Requisition Form giving details of the material/part you want. The MRF has to be signed by your supervisor before drawing material from the store.

A minimal sum of petty cash is made available for the purchase of small items below HK$500. The cost of bought out parts/material can be refunded only when the following conditions are met:

a. Prior approval is obtained from your Supervisor before the material is purchased.

b. Valid purchasing receipts are provided.

c. The receipts must clearly indicate the cost, proper description of the items (in English) and the title of the project.

Stationary, photos and slides for the project presentation/report are to be borne by the students. You should make your own plan in taking photos/slides in the course of manufacturing.

6.4 Booking of Facilities

The IC-S1 Form "Application for IC Facilities" is to be used for booking workshops facilities. Before booking, you should consult the Unit Leader concerned to check whether the equipment will be available at the time required.

The form should be endorsed by your supervisor and it should be submitted to the Unit Leader concerned 3 days in advance. Should you have any urgent request for equipment booking, you should put it through your Supervisor who will make special arrangement for your request.

At least 1 lathe and 1 milling machine will be allocated for each project group in the Basic Machine Shop or the Toolroom for the manufacturing of parts. Any special machine such as CNC, grinding machine, boring machine can be booked through the relevant section leader.

6.5 Use of CAD Facilities

Detailed drawings are to be done in the IC CAD Rooms as allocated by your supervisor.

You are not allowed to bring any floppy diskettes into the IC CAD Rooms. If drawing data backup is required, you must bring along several new floppy diskettes with your name printed on each diskette and pass them to a designated DO staff/TA who will format the floppy diskettes for you. It should be noted that no floppy diskettes are allowed to be used in the Design Office except those formatted by the DO staff. All these floppy disks should be returned to the DO after each day's work.

You have the responsibility to tidy up the workplace after use.

6.6 Project Presentation

This is an important part of the project. You are reminded to leave sufficient time for the preparation of the presentation. Good planning would usually help.

6.7 Marking Scheme

The marking scheme consists of two parts - the project and the presentation.

6.8 Final Report

You have to hand in a final report within 2 weeks upon completion of the project.

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