In this manufacturing project, our group decided to choice the title ‘Drip Coffee Maker’ assigned by our mentor Dr Wai Hon Wah. First, we aimed to design a drip coffee maker which can produce a cup of coffee with higher concentration and temperature. It is because the drip coffee maker in the market cannot fulfill some of the customer that likes hot and bitter coffee.

This project is divided to two parts, design stage and manufacture stage. Before we started our design stage, we buy a drip coffee maker as a reference. We use it to do the testing so that we find the reasons that the present drip coffee maker cannot make such high concentration and hot coffee. For example, the cover cannot cover the filter well, the immerse time of the coffee powder affect the concentration and the output of the U-tube is too large. In addition, we try to modify the outlook of the drip coffee maker.

After a few months, we continue our design stage and start the manufacture stage. We try to make a pin to increase the immerse time in the filter and a valve to reduce the size of the output of the U-tube in machining centre. On the other hand, we planned to use rapid prototyping to manufacture many of our parts so we spend a long time to draw the parts by the Solidwork and Autocad.

In the remaining two week, we can manufacture the inner filter by PCM but we cannot start to make the parts due to the dimension of the parts. Therefore, we use reverse engineering to draw the filter again. In the last week, we start to make the parts by rapid prototyping. However, we have no enough time and budget to do further development such as the rapid tooling. So we use other ways to deal with the problems.

Finally, we prepare the PowerPoint, video and demonstration for our project presentation.

Design downloaded from free website templates.