To conclude, this MU project gives us an opportunity to work ourselves to manufacture the final product. It is a valuable experience for us because the whole process including the design and manufacture stages had been completed by us.

Also, we learn how to deal with the problems in the manufacture stage. We found that although we accurately draw the parts with right dimension, the final outcome may not assembly with each other. Therefore, it needs time to do further modification to assembly the parts together.

In addition, the collaboration of our group members is very important in this project. We are responsible to draw the parts so that we distribute the parts to each member. We draw different parts at the same time. But unfortunately the filter is difficult to draw so that we cannot submit the drawings to do rapid prototyping. However, it is our effort to find the solution to draw this.

Finally, we want to thank all the technicians in the IC centre. They give us support in the manufacturing process. Whenever we ask them the technical problems, they guide us to find the solutions instead of giving me the solutions. They help us a lot to learn to find solutions by ourselves.

Design downloaded from free website templates.