In the past, coffee is a common beverage in the western countries. Nowadays, not just the western countries, many people in different countries love coffee. There are many coffee shops in the world such as Starbucks.

Some coffee lovers can spend time and money on a cup of coffee while some of them cannot because the high quality coffee is very expensive and difficult to find. It is the reason why many drip coffee makers appear in the market. Many coffee lovers buy a drip coffee maker in their home to satisfy their needs. Unfortunately, the drip coffee maker in the market cannot produce a cup of coffee with high concentration and temperature.

Some customers like bitter coffee while some are not. The drip coffee maker in the market cannot fulfill all the customers. They can only produce a cup of coffee with same concentration at anytime. Customers are not able to choice the concentration they want. Therefore, we aim to manufacture a drip coffee maker that can produce this type of coffee the customers want.

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