Rapid Prototyping

The process of Rapid Prototyping






Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
The following parts were made by FDM:
 Filter Holder, Cover, Water Outlet, Button, Lower and upper part of the filter
Use of machine: FDM 400mc
Material: ABS
Budget needed: $3/g   


Stereolithography (SLA)
The following part was made by SLA:
    Pin Controller
Use of machine: SLA Viper
Material: PC
Budget needed: $5/g

Machining - Turning
The following parts were made by Machining:
   A 3mm valve in the U-Tube, Pin
Use of machine: Lathing Machine
Material: Aluminium
Budget needed: $100
s             s
In order to prevent water leakage, we added some epoxy in the connection part of the U-tube and the valve


daPhoto Chemical Machining (PCM)
Inner Filter is a precision sheet metal product, which is manufacture by stainless steel in Photochemical Machining.





The process sequence included Laminating, Exposure, Development and Etching stripping.

Design downloaded from free website templates.