Problems Encountered & Solutions

  1. In design stage, as we use the original water tank, the dimension of the filter should be fit to the water tank. But we found that it is difficult to measure the three dimension filter. Finally we use the 3D scanner to scan it to the computer and draw it again.

  2. The parts manufactured by rapid prototyping have a problem of water leakage because they are formed by many layers of plastic and the water may leak out between a layer and a layer. Firstly we want to use rapid tooling to make the parts so that another material will be used. However, time is needed to do the rapid tooling and we do not have enough budgets to do this. Therefore, we use silicon rubber to paste on the surface so that the water cannot leak out from the parts.

  3. In order to prevent the parts manufactured break down, we need to strengthen them. Same as the water leakage problem, we don’t have enough time and budget to do rapid tooling. So we strengthen them by pasting PU on the surface of the parts. First, we mix the catalyst with the plastic and then paste the PU on the surface of the below parts. This process should be quickly completed because this plastic will become rigid in short time.
Design downloaded from free website templates.