Special thanks to our tutor Mr. Wai and other mentors for devoting their time in assisting us and provide much valuable opinion helping us to solve many difficulties in this MU project.

 We salute for everyone who in the industrial training center provided any help and support for us. All your help and support help us to achieve successfully in this MU project. The mission of the project objective-half minute toaster is reached. 

Thanks again for our tutor Mr. Wai and other mentors who are accommodating and effortful to assist us to the successful. They have done this without any expectation reward beside our honor and appreciation.

The final design of the toaster can fulfill the target of the MU project. It can finish the toasting process within 30 second. The toasting bread is made by the toaster is also satisfactory.

Users can enjoy their toasting bread in very short time if they make use of our toaster. Therefore, the mission of the MU Project is fulfilled. To conclude, our mission of the MU project is successful.

After finishing the MU project, our group members are maintaining good friendship.Finishing the 30-second toaster makes us feeling satisfactory. We all agree that this MU project is interesting and we all are enjoying this project during the training process.

It gives us many valuable experiences and learns a lot of different aspect in product development process. This MU project makes us having depth understanding of the product development process which is included product planning, product design and manufacturing.