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The existing Products in the Market:



2-slot toaster

4-slot toaster


bagel toaster

Toaster with integrated rack and rumb tray

Bagel toaster


dual control

4-slot egg-and-muffin toaster

Dual control toaster

lcd screen


Digital toaster


The above shows multiple kinds of toasters and toaster ovens. Each has its own features and more functions have been integrated inside. At the beginning, only 2/4-slot toaster is available, which is the simplest type for making toast. Then, integrated rack and bread crumb tray are added, for the convenience of heating baked goods and collecting crumb. Bagel toaster has extra-wide slots for any sized bread or even bagels. The size of bread is not a limitation anymore. For better convenience, the egg and muffin toaster allows toasting bread, steam-poaching egg and warming the pre-cooked meat all at the same time. And if you like a different browning degree of the bread with your friends, the dual control toaster can help. It provides separate browning controls so that each side of the toaster has the ability to brown to different degrees. Last but not least, the digital toaster has a LCD screen with countdown of remaining toasting time.