Our group needs to finish a product------- A toaster that can toast a toast in 30 second. The toaster includes many small components. The Industrial Centre Training provides practical training for us to structure and broaden understanding of engineering practice and manufacturing process.

In this MU project, we will work through different workshops which have different purposes and skills. We need to learn and practice Material Cutting and Forming Processes in order to produce different part of components. We will pass through different workshops such as Machining, Finishing, Electrical, Plastic and sheet metal etc.

Finally, we will fundamentally learn how to operate different machines and how to select appropriate tools help us to cut and create different components that we want. We will practically familiar different material property and select proper materials.

In the project we have faced different problems and the problems are not related to the equipment, we need to solve the problems by ourselves before ask our supervisor. We need to learn how to make a decision and find a way to solve problems. So in this project, it can train us with different skill, for example the team working, time management and the problem solving skill etc.


As we all know, many people are now faced with a hectic life and busy with their work. Usually, they do not have time to make their breakfast before going out to work. Even they have a toaster at home, they still have to wait for several minutes. To save time, they may skip their breakfast as they do not have additional time to buy in the morning. However, it is absolutely an unhealthy practice. And we see it as an emergent problem that should be remedied. Hence, we plan to make a 30-second-ready toaster which provide us with a more convenient and fast method to make breakfast. Also, people can enjoy a fresh-made toast.