After the MU project, we learned that safety is the most important part in every workshop. Using different tools and operate different machines must be careful. When we are working in the every workshop, we have responsible to protect ourselves. We must follow safety instruction in different workshops. The safety instruction sheets are assigned in different workshop. We must read carefully before working and remember the instruction.


Product Safety
The product safety issue is also a very important point of the toaster. Our group tried to avoid and eliminate the safety problems of our designed toaster.

The purpose of ensuring the toaster in safety condition is that to prevent the users from getting hurt during the toasting process.

Electrical safety
Performing electrical safety is very important in electrical appliances. Therefore, the toaster is needed to perform electrical safety when it is in toasting process.

The exposed metal parts of the toaster are connected to ground to prevent users contact with a dangerous voltage. The purpose of earthing is safety. It can prevent users from getting electric shock when the toaster is connected to the power supply.


Thermal safety
The toaster is made of high thermal resistance electric wires to connect between the heater and the AC power. Since the heating element may be very heat to damage traditional wires.
These high thermal resistance electric wires can resist very high temperature without melting and damaging. This can ensure our safety of toaster during the toasting process.

In order to prevent the cover of the toaster is too hot after the toasting process. Space exists between the cover and heating components in the toaster.
Since Air is good thermal insulator, it can prevent the heat energy from heating element transfer to the metal cover. Therefore, user may not feel too hot when they contact with the toaster.

Food safety
All materials make use of the toaster are highly thermal resistance. These materials do not melt and release toxic gases during high temperature.
Therefore, it can ensure the toasting bread is eatable and the toasting process is in safety condition.


Surface Finishing
Surface Finishing is needed to the cover of the toaster.
The edges of the toaster cover are flat by surface finishing process.
It can ensure the surface of the toaster cover is smooth. Therefore, this can prevent from cutting the users’ hands if the users make use of the toaster.