Students are grouped to finish a certain target. In our group, we are required to design a packaging machine for the company, Galore. For the new design, students are asked to improve the existed one. Before any designing stages, students should be understand the problems of the existed machine. We may need to visit the factory and meet with the manager in order to get useful information and criteria.


During the designing stage, we are encouraged to think more and Combine more different mechanical techniques to satisfy the requirement set by Galore. With the comparing of the conceptual design, we need to modify them, or even combine their advantages after a series of discussion and research.


After confirming the final design, we also confirm the uses of materials and manufacturing methods. Furthermore, we are required to finish the BOM, quotation, all drawings by the software, Solidwork and the following working planning.


For this MU project, we are introduced to a designing project in real life. We need to know how to make a new project to satisfy the criteria set by customers, how to manage different parts, how to reduce the cost with the highest efficiency. This time, time management is really a hard task for students. Manufacturing a whole product within a month is a new challenge for students.