After finishing all parts, the last two procedures are assembly and calibration. It can be divided into five steps.

Step 1: Prepare the parts

Before fixing it onto the machine, some parts could be assembled first. In this stage, some errors of parts dimension were found. So the real dimension of parts maybe different from the drawings. Some new parts for better movement were also made in this stage.

Step 2: Match the parts to machine

The next step is to match the two important parts to the machine. The screw was not tightened that it could be move freely for calibration.

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Step 3: Fix the shaft
After matching to the machine, the shaft was fixed into the attachment.
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Step 4: Calibrate the vertical and horizontal axis of the shaft
This is the most important procedure of assembly. The shaft must be vertically and horizontally fixed to the attachment. The position must be precise so that the result of milling is accurate.
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Step 5: Tighten the screw and test the product
Finally, the screw was tightened and it could be used normally. A piece of metal was used to test the accuracy and performance of the attachment.

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