Conlcusion and Reflection
Chau Cheuk Lap Ho Tsz Yan Chan Wai Yuk Tsang Wai Lun Cheung Tin King

MU project is good for preparing future career in engineering field as it demonstrates us a concrete engineering project. We had to go through all processes, namely, design, planning, costing, manufacturing and assembling of components, testing, documentation and final evaluation. This training and learning experience is undoubtedly a great experience for engineering students. Upon the final stage of our project, a sense of fulfillment is gained by all of our group mates.

Another key point in this training is that, “SAFETY” is the most important thing to bear in mind as we are facing engineering related issues. Upon graduation, most of us will be the engineers in different field and sectors. Engineering is closely related to our daily life. For example, transportation, energy supply, and building we are working in and living in, infrastructure and so on. To be a successful engineer, “SAFETY” is undoubtedly the main concern superior to other factors. During this training session IC349, teachers always remind us the importance of safety, it can help us consolidate the concept of safety in our mind.

To conclude, IC349 gives a helping hand to department to shape all-rounded engineering students. We are not only rich in knowledge in books but also know how to apply them in real life. We are not only full of technical skills but also interpersonal skills. With the help of engineering training, in near future, we can undoubtedly show the spirit of PolyU, “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”.


Rex, Chau Cheuk Lap 07053290D
It was really a great experience for me to participate in this manufacturing project. Throughout the project I have gained a lot in different stages, like in the design stages, I was more familiarized with the usage of CAD in generating the engineering drawings. I was also given a chance to run the simulation using the advanced CAD technology which I did not have much chance to experience before.

In the manufacturing stage, although most of the manufacturing technology was introduced to us before, we did not really have a chance to decide which technology was the most suitable based on different criteria. And we were given a chance to modify our design during the manufacturing stage, it was a real practice in the workplace, we did not just follow, but make some appropriate chances when necessary. So it enhanced my problem solving skills.

I learnt not only the technical skills, but also many of the soft-skill, which is also called the interpersonal skills. I think these skills are much more important than the technical skills we learnt in this manufacturing project. Throughout the project, we worked as a team in designing, manufacturing, evaluating and making decisions all the time, I can definitely polish my communication skill during all the discussion processes. I learnt the way to express my idea more effectively, making it clearer to others for understanding. Besides, I was given a chance to present our whole project to different supervisors and fellow classmates, it can definitely help to polish my presentation and convincing skill which I think it is helpful for my future career development.

I have also practiced my decision making skill. During discussions, each of us raised our own ideas and definitely each idea has its own pros and cons, we need to consider what criteria are important in making our final decision and we have to prioritize each criterion. During this decision making process, I learnt how to get a balance between standing for my own idea and accepting others’ ideas. This is a very valuable experience for me.

Last but not least, and I think it is of most important, I have learnt how to build up a team and work as a team. Teamwork is undoubtedly the most important criteria employers are looking for. As in the engineering field, no one can work by oneself, cooperation is necessary in order to get a project done. During the manufacturing stage, we worked individually but at the same time we are working as a team, each of us helped checking the completed components to see if it was fit to the other components and see if it worked harmonically with the others. Without teamwork, probably we could only find the mismatching at the final assembly stage and it would be too late. So it was really a great experience for me to learn how to build up a team.

Finally I would like to express my great appreciation to our team supervisor, Mr. Sin for his great effort in guiding us through different stages and his professional opinion in the manufacturing stage. I would also like to thank every staff in different workshops for their generous help and advises. I would definitely recommend this manufacturing project to those who are willing to develop their future career in engineering field.


Kathy, Ho Tsz Yan 07014050D
This training lasted for a month and was divided into two major stages, design and manufacturing. Although it was not a long time, I think the contents in the training were essential to us.

Our group had a total of five members. However, some of them are new to me. We are from different year so that we did not know each other before. This is really a challenge for us that we had to cooperate with somebody we were not familiar with. So, during the design stage, sometimes we had disagreement and argument. As we had only one week to finish the design of the attachment, the work distribution must be fair to all of us. However, some of us were not that good at CAD drawing. It took another time to get use to the programme.

As we are make-up group, the topic of project is bounded. We could not choose the topic that we were interested in. At the very beginning, we were quite disappointed and were not happy with that. We even did not understand how the vertical milling attachment works.  Because of this indistinctness, we had conflict with each other. Fortunately, Mr. Sin, our supervisor, explained the mechanism and the theory clearly. We got back on track very soon.

Another problem occurred during manufacturing. After we distributed the work, we found that some of us were not familiar with the machine. In this project, the mostly used machines were lathe and milling machine. We had to have basic operation knowledge before. Although IC348 had already included these machines, some of us had forgotten how to operate them. So, under this circumstance, we separated into two teams. One was focused on lathe and the other would work with milling machine. We found this strategy worked well.

Under the cooperation of all members, we finished all parts earlier than scheduled. The final stage was assembly. Unfortunately, we found some errors and mismatch during assembly. We had to fix them and found the solutions. Since most of the parts were fit to the drawings, it only took two days to assemble the whole attachment. The final thing to do with the attachment was to record a video for presentation and take photos of our product. To be honest, it was the most exciting part of the project. We all felt successful that our product could move smoothly. And that our product could be use for milling and really could help in the future.

After all, I would like to express my gratitude to all staffs in IC, especially in machining workshop. As most of our parts were done by machining, I met the instructors in the workshop all the time. They are really helpful and can provide solutions to us. This training is valuable and practical. I spent a month in IC, and it indeed worthy


Bonnie, Chan Wai Yuk 07212547D
Throughout the training period, the main objective of this project is to make a horizontal milling machine attachment. We have to apply the knowledge in IC348 and different subjects we learnt before. All the components of the attachment should be manufactured on our own, and eventually, do the assembly to make the final product. Upon the completion of the project, we have great sense of fulfillment as our product can be put into use.

This group-based MU project can undoubtedly sharpen engineering students’ competitive edge by different means. Firstly, practical engineering knowledge can be learnt. For example, the CAD drawing, different manufacturing methods, working principle of different machine and parts are learnt, all these can certainly benefit an engineering student.

Secondly, some interpersonal skills are also developed such as teamwork building and time management. To be a successful engineer, we should have not only technical skills but also soft skills so that the engineering project can be carried out successfully. 

The project planning is learnt throughout the whole project period. As a well equipped engineering graduate, it is good for us to handle a real industrial project before entering the working environment. This project provides us a chance to plan the manufacturing process for a product and it really brings us advantages over others.

For me, I really gain much from this project. I make new friends from other department as some of my group mates come from different department. Also, I know my own strengths and weakness; I found that I should make decision on my own with more confidence. This project really brings me many things which are really valuable and benefit me not short term but life-long.

Finally, I would like to take this chance to present my sincere thanks to our supervisor, Mr. SIN and all the teachers in Industrial Centre especially the teachers in machining workshop. They are rich in engineering knowledge and willing to share with us. Moreover, they taught us not only engineering knowledge but also ways to be good graduates and future engineers which are really valuable. Without them, we cannot finish this project successfully.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my group mates as the time spent with them in this training is really joyful and memorable. We worked as a team and helped each other when finding someone in need. We really demonstrated a good team spirit and finally complete the project successfully.


Alan, Tsang Wai Lun 08223438D
Since I was an exchange student ( TianJin University)of the last semester, it was already July when I came back to Hong Kong. Therefore, I had no choice to choose any topic but to accept the assigned one which was Horizontal Milling Attachment.

Luckily, it is not a hard project indeed. It is because there is already a machine installed on the Vertical Milling Machine. What we have to do is just taking reference from the existed one. As we cannot disassemble the machine to take a look of the internal structure, we can only imagine the running principle by ourselves.

Under the Assistance of our sub- supervisor: Mr. Sin. We finally finished the draft of the Attachment which is in CAD form. It is really disappointed that our first draft exist a huge difference from the expected one. Although we had to follow the case and continue to work in the following week, it was still happy that I could call back my memory of CAD which was learnt in year one study.

The continued duty for us was buying the materials would be used in the coming stages. I was quite surprised of this job because I had never done this before. We had first to calculate the estimated cost based on the estimated materials we would use.

When everything was well prepared, we then had to manufacture the components through the help of Milling machines and turning machines. It was quite a hard job for me as I had only finished IC348 in the past semester. Lack of experience made me feel panic when I started working at the beginning. It was not a problem in following days because I did the similar jobs day by day.
Majority of my jobs are just turning and milling. It was quite boring for me to keep doing the same job. But I still appreciated that I could gain more knowledge of machining.
To conclude, I must say that it is an unforgettable experience in my three year university life. Making friends with people others from my programme, I appreciate some of them because of their working attitude and ability. Besides, it is a really good experience to learn more about machining as it is a rare opportunity.


Cheung Tin King 07008099D
After half year exchange program and one year sandwich program, IC training course is the first course I attend. I feel everything become new and strange again to me. Also, as I have deferred 1 year for the sandwich program, my classmate have already graduated. It is a big challenge about finding group and friends. But to think on the other way, we always need to corporate with new faces, and it is a change to polish my communication skills.

Our project that is assigned is to make a horizontal milling machine attachment. We need to design and manufacture all the components of the attachment and assembled into a workable product.

The project can mainly divide into two part, the design part and the manufacturing part. In the design part, it seems to be very simple. We just copy the design of the original product as a solid work file. The structure of the gear box is obvious and the software we have already familiar with for three years. However, when we really worked on it and get the work done, there were lots of details we had not considered. How did we set the tolerance of each surface? How can we draw and calculate the teeth of a curved gear? Design is not just graphing, but to consider the whole working principal and also the manufacturing method. Fortunately our supervisor, Mr. Sin, point out our fault and we can correct it at the early stage.

The manufacturing process is the real challenging part. As we all exchange student and some of our group mates miss the IC 348 course. We can only have a makeup course for 2-week. The course is so intensive and do not have enough practise time. We find our limit of using the machines. It took times to get use to the skills. Further, for the parts that need an accurate dimension, any small error may nullify all the previous efforts so it is really strengthening our patient and carefulness. To solve this, we divided into two groups focus on the two common machines, turning machine and the milling machine. The strategy help us the familiar with the machine faster and work more efficient.

Though out the project, we worked as a team. We designed, made decision manufactured and evaluated together. We build up relationship from new faces to old faces. I learn how express my idea and effectively and also learn how to accept other’s idea. It is really a valuable experience.

Finally, I would like to take this change express my pleasure to all staff in the IC centre, especially our team supervisor, Mr. Sin for his help though out the different stage of the whole project. They shared a lot of engineering knowledge with us and taught us not only the method, but the skill to solve the problem. The training can really help us to become a preferred graduate.