Our Successful Project

IC 349 (Manufacturing Project) is an opportunity for us to manufacture and develop a project using high manufacturing technology. Throughout the whole project, we have gone through different stages such as design, planning, costing, manufacturing and assembling of components, testing, documentation and final evaluation. This project aimed to prepare us for our future career in engineering field. As good engineers will always take the role of project leaders, we must therefore have some experience in the different stages of project. The group-based project also aimed to build up our teamwork spirit. Through job allocation, discussions and evaluations we can polish our communication skills, co-operating ability, managerial skills and decision making ability, which help us to be qualified for the real world. We can also apply our previous experience in working in the Industrial Centre to the project so we can have a deeper understanding on the practical and technical knowledge in the industry.
With different stage in manufacturing, the project aimed to provide us experience in different aspects. For the design stage, the objective is to provide us with experience in CAD and engineering drawing technique. Preliminary design and preparation of detailed drawings with specifications are expected to be done upon completion of this stage. The material preparation stage aimed to provide us an experience in material selection and cost planning. The job planning and allocation stage is to prepare us for job scheduling, which is the key factor for the success of a project. Upon going through this stage, we are expected to have a well and reasonable planning on projects by proper estimation on the time of manufacture. We are also able to conduct a risk management analysis to ensure we can complete all the stages on time. Another major part of this project lies on the manufacturing stages. We are expected to make decisions on the manufacturing methods of different parts by have a balancing between cost, completion time and the difficulty in manufacturing. A series of decision making process have to be gone through before we can arrive to the best manufacturing methods. Last but not least the project provides us an opportunity to evaluate our project at the end of the project. By evaluating the project we are able to see imperfections and make improvements in the future. It is also a great chance for us to appreciate the result of team-working.

So basically the whole project is a really valuable experience for engineering students and a hand-on practical training for prepare us into the industry. Having these objectives in mind, we worked hard to strive for the outcomes throughout the project. The real outcomes to us can be identified in the later evaluation part.