Work shop is full of dangerous and we should beware of it and working stick to the safety instruction to prevent accident. Here is the safety instruction.
IC Trainee Safety Dress Code

1. Trainees undertaking workshop training are required to wear the following:
(a) Safety shoes with non-slip soles and steel toe caps to reduce the risk of being hit by falling object or contact with sharp object or exposure to chemical or sparks
(b) Long trousers to reduce the risk of contact with sharp object or exposure to chemical or sparks


Safety Shoes 1 Safety Shoes 2

2. While our Electronics Workshop is exempted from wearing the safety shoes, robust shoes without the exposure of toes, instep and heels are required to be put on during the training in this workshop.
3.  In some IC workshops you will be issued temporarily with personal protective gear such as gloves, goggles, face visors, etc., the wearing of which will be compulsory if required by the instructors.

Safety-goggle.jpgsafety gloves.jpg

  1. Safety Instructions for the use of Machine Tools

Personal working with any machine tools in this workshop are required to follow the Safety Instruction stated below in order to prevent any accident that may occur.
Appropriate personal protective equipment (such as dust coat, safety shoes, and face shield) MUST be worn while operating the machine.

  1. Long hair, neck tie, or hanging mobile phone MUST be tightened up.


  1. Hand gloves should NEVER be used.
  2. Workpiece and cutting tool MUST be properly clamped.


  1. Chuck key MUST be removed from the chuck when not in use.
  2. Make sure there is NO loosened part left on the machine table.
  3. Make sure you know how to operate the machine before switching it on.
  4. Machine guards MUST be put in position while operating.
  5. Keep hands away from any rotating objects.
  6. Cutters being used should be correctly ground and in good condition.
  7. Use correct cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut from time to time.
  8. Spilled oil or cutting fluid on the floor MUST be wiped off immediately.
  9. NEVER use hand file or emery cloth for finishing lathe work pieces.
  10. Do not leave any running machine unattended.

In case of doubt, contact the Technician or Training Officer immediately.



  1. Safety for Metal Cutting Processes ( Turning )

It is imperative that you fully understand that machine tools are potentially dangerous and that you must at all time:
Follow the laid down Section and IC Safety Rules. (Ref: 2 of General Safety of Industrial Centre)
Know what to do in an emergency. NEVER switch your machine tool on for the first time until given permission by your Staff Member to do so. At varying stages in your programme if the Staff Member is satisfied with your operational knowledge you will be given permission to proceed on specific steps unsupervised. This is a measure of the Staff Member confidence in you and you should be pleased that you are so trusted and live up to that trust by taking all reasonable safety precautions
Well-qualified and enthusiastic IC staffs are ready and willing to help you and it is up to you to make most use of their willingness to transfer their technical knowledge and their experience to you.


  1. Safety for Metal Cutting Processes ( Milling)

Safety practices of a machine shop should be followed. A complete understanding of the Safety Rules would enable the students to identify potential hazards that may occur under different working conditions such that appropriate preventive actions can be taken to avoid the happening of accidents. Emphasis should be given that the eyes of the machine operator must be protected by wearing a face shield (figure 1) to prevent accident that may be caused by chips, cutting fluid, and tool breakage.
Machine operators must also take care of their body such as fingers which keep out of any moving parts, especially the rotating cutter of the machine, to prevent any unnecessary accident hurt. The milling machine must be stopped immediately when any accidence occurred, so the operator must stand near by the control panel of the machine and pays more attention on the operation. Remember the Chinese phrase 'carefully can be driven the boat in thousand year' that you will enjoy the benefits provided by milling.
Figure 1. Face Shield

lap safety.jpg

Fig 2. Face Shield with safe guard of the machine