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Ms. Juliana Tam

Mr. Martin Wong (IC)

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Mr. Lau Sir (IC)

Mr. Eric Sir (IC)

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This is a report of a “MU project” which is conducted by eight students from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and cooperated with Hong Kong Disneyland Maintenance Workshop to design and manufacture an actuator testing and recording system. In this report, all the works done and project outcomes will be discussed.

This project is to design a testing and data recording system for reconditioned actuators used in one of the fames theme park in the world, the Hong Kong Disneyland. In this report, we will focus on the control program, data logging system and the mechanical design of the actuator testing system.

It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to work with the Hong Kong Disneyland which is one of the two famous theme parks in Hong Kong and aims to delivers world-class entertainment experiences to millions of local and international guests though magical memories and creativity.

Being a world-known theme park and resort operator, Hong Kong Disneyland considers safety as one of the keys to become the most popular destination in Asia Pacific. So, the Maintenance Workshop of the Hong Kong Disneyland would conduct a series of testing and maintaining on the theme park facilities in order to ensure the safety of the guests and the workers. And this time, they target to raise the testing criteria of the actuators used in Orbition and Dumbro. Thus they invite the students from HKPU to handle the project of designing and manufacturing an automated actuator testing and data recording system which can solve the existing problems and increase the testing efficiency with the raised testing criteria.