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2010 ~ 2011 ME Dg2 TM349 MU Project Group List
Student Number
Student Name
ME01 09079298D CHAN Ho Pang
ME01 09337585D CHOW Cheuk Him
ME01 09355111D CHEUNG Chun Ho
ME01 09326835D CHOW King Tung
ME01 09590522D CHAN Yiu Fai
ME01 09030010D LUI Wing Tak
ME01 09114581D YIP Man Ho
Project Title - Garden Tray Unloading Mechanism
ME02 10541555D POON Ka Ho
ME02 10524478D CHAN Siu Wai
ME02 10541820D CHAN Wai Nam
ME02 10559940D FONG Yin Hok
ME02 10530829D CHAN Hon Pan
ME02 10577748D SUEN Chi Keung
ME02 09035993D NG Tsz Kin
Project Title - Garden Tray Loading
ME03 09345556D WONG Wang Chin
ME03 09530710D WONG Ka Kit
ME03 09214018D JIM Wing Hei
ME03 09260043D WONG Tsz Yung
ME03 09557630D CHAN Ka Ho
ME03 09551000D HO Yiu Fung
ME03 09700383D LIU Zhiheng
Project Title - Garden Automatic Bread Picking and Packing Machine
ME04 09073139D LAM Ka Wai
ME04 09200146D CHAN Chun Fung
ME04 09507675D KO Cheong Wah
ME04 09290323D LUN Wai Shun Wilson
ME04 09029243D MAN Chi Hon
ME04 09035670D CHAN Chi Hang
ME04 09529643D TANG Chui Wan
Project Title - TunBow Electric Iron Testing
ME06 08703340D GAN Xin Nie
ME06 09234562D WU Kwan Yu
ME06 08062559D KEUNG Pui Kwan
ME06 09071179D WONG Chi Wai
ME06 08236244D TANG Nok Kan
ME06 07813900D GAO Jin Hao
ME06 08169229D WONG Yee Kwan
Project Title - Optimization of Pedal Car Performance
ME07 10519087D LAM Kwok Hang
ME07 10529806D LIU Fong Wai
ME07 10529370D YAU Lung Sang
ME07 09526930D CHEUNG Woon Yiu
ME07 07804477D YU Xiang
ME07 09599565D LAI Kai To
ME07 10507967D WONG Wai Ka
Project Title - Compact Backup Power Unit for EV
ME08 10503458D NG Ka Yin
ME08 10501084D NG Ka Hei
ME08 10501650D TO Wai Yin
ME08 10501404D TAM Kai Chun
ME08 10517438D MAK Chun Lung
ME08 10533973D LAU Siu Kwong
Project Title - Application of Heat Pipe for Cooling Inside Electric Vehicle
ME09 10546495D HUI Tsz Chun
ME09 09098983D KWONG Ming Chun Mario
ME09 09156149D TSOI Yu Hang
ME09 09531208D LAM Ka Chun
ME09 09109940D WONG Wing San
ME09 09543477D LAM Chi Ho
Project Title - Motion Control
ME10 10515870D CHOW Kwok Chung
ME10 10503065D CHEUNG Tsan Ming
ME10 10613438D LI Man King
ME10 09235373D HO Wing Cheong
ME10 10564126D SUNG Yan Lok Kevin
ME10 10505335D LAM Hiu Yeung
ME10 10617751D TONG Wang Fai
Project Title - YKK Polishing Machine for Metallic Zipper