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Group Members

Mak Chun Lung
NG Ka Hei
NG Ka Yin
TAM Kai Chun
To Wai Yin
LAU Siu Kwong

Mr. WAI Hon Wah

This report presents the project titled ‘Application of heat pipe for cooling inside electric vehicle’. The purpose of this project is to use heat pipe to decrease the temperature inside electric vehicle. The process of the project is shown as below

Product Analysis->Tests ->Data analysis ->Final Design ->Manufacturing 

For Product Analysis, it investigates the working principle of the heat pipe and the parameters which affect the efficiency of the heat pipe. 

For Tests, it presents  experiments carried out.  A series of experiments were carried to investigate the best bending angle of the heat pipe, arrangement of the heat pipe, relationship between the thickness of the foam and the effectiveness of the set up, effectiveness of the implementation of the heat sink and the fan.

For data analysis, it presents the results of the experiments and analysis is then carried out to find out what the data mean. 

For final design, the design is finalized that the heat pipe works at its optimum state. 

The last part is to manufacture, it covers the whole production process from raw materials to a product.